Gonzaga University Shorts

I attended Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington from 2002-2006. I really enjoyed my time there, and through my Junior/Senior years I was executive producer of the campus-wide TV comedy show. During that time I produced a lot of shorts about life at Gonzaga, but on this page I’m only going to list those that might be interesting to a wider audience.

Studio Wars

When several overworked college broadcasting majors get their hands on a set of lightsabers, all hell breaks lose.

Gonzaga Campers

In 2006 students at GU camped out in line for a week to get into a basketball game vs. Stanford on ESPN college game day. The only thing to do was make fun of them:

Deadly Weather

If you laugh at this video then you’re a horrible person, because people dying most certainly isn’t funny. Christ.

Alana Investigates

So apparently I’m actually a huge jerk.

This video was written and directed by my classmate, Alana Brophy.

The Heytvelt

A year after I graduated there was a incident involving a GU basketball player by the name of Josh Heytvelt where he was arrested with a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana.┬áThis fake commercial pokes fun at both that incident and at Gonzaga University’s obnoxious sense of superiority typically on display in their real ad campaigns: