The New Adventures of Ben & Jared

(Originally Posted on September 10, 2008)

The New Adventures of Ben & Jared is a short web series that we’ve tried to start up twice now. The first episode we created was just for fun, but the second time we were actually paid to make a new episode by the Canadian comedy site Although we had plans for an entire “first season” story arc in place, we never were able to see them come come to fruition. Regardless, the existing episodes are still a lot of fun.

The New Adventures parodies and pokes fun at YouTube “film maker” culture. In the first episode, my friends Joe & Luke (whom most people know as Barats and Bereta) were kind enough to play the role of Ben & Jared’s opponents, and as usual they were great. That episode is broken into two parts:

Ben & Jared: The Power

The follow up episode that we were paid to make by Just For Laughs is my favorite of the bunch, and is much shorter and more refined. In this episode Ben and Jared encounter a new set of rivals: two talentless girls whose YouTube popularity is rooted in their lack of clothing/shame.

We may explore the concept of “Ben and Jared” in the future, although I’m still heart broken that we didn’t get to see the Beth and Jenna storyline through to completion. At any rate, Jared and I have continued working together on other projects.