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The JUSTIN BAILEY Conspiracy

Released: May 7, 2008

Revelations on the true origins of the infamous JUSTIN BAILEY code; the truth finally comes out about the biggest coverup in video game history!

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Ben & Jared: The Power

Released: September 10, 2008

Ben & Jared face off against the ultimate adversary: sex appeal.

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Released: April 15, 2008

Beach forts are serious business…

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Ben & Becca’s Wedding Invitation

Released: November 6, 2007

I know that most people associate video wedding invitations with a fair amount of cheesiness and cringe-worthy material, but my wife and I tried to do something a little bit different.

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Wii Fit: The End of an Era

Released: July 19, 2009

There once was a day…

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Nintendo 3DS Eye Damage

Released: January 27, 2011

In early January 2011, Nintendo put out a press release that warned of potential eye strain issues for people playing the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS for more than 30 minutes at a time in 3D mode…

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Larry Lyons: Movie Producer

Released: November 16, 2007

Famed producer Larry Lyons pitches the idea for the biggest summer blockbuster ever conceived… IT’S GONNA BE HUGE!

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Released: February 26, 2007

A spec pilot for a single-camera filmed comedy series about video game culture.

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The New Adventures of Ben & Jared – 2 Part Pilot

Released: November 27, 2007

Two pairs of notable You Tube directors square off in an epic adventure so exciting that you’ll forget to ask the question, “So what were the Old Adventures of Ben and Jared?”.

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Just Wonderful

Released: December 31, 2005

Winner of the 1st place People’s Choice and 1st place Jury’s Choice awards for the 2005 First Night Spokane 48 Hour Film Festival.

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Archive Videos

Because I’ve been producing videos since high school, I also maintain a separate YouTube channel for my archived work. These videos are generally intended for friends and family, but can be viewed by anyone. Some of my archive projects include:

iPhone Pilot Parody

Released: October 29, 2007

This is a short parody of a 2007 iPhone ad entitled “Bryce”

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Check Out My Website!

Released: April 27, 2006

I don’t know whatever possessed me to create this, much less to keep it online and viewable to this day. Oh well!

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Gonzaga University Shorts

Released: 2002-2007

A sampling of shorts that I produced during my time at Gonzaga Univeristy from 2002-2006.

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Washington State Math Championship Videos

Released: 2005-2008

Awards Ceremony videos produced for the annual Washington State Math Championship event in Blaine, Washington

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Control Room

Released: Fall 2005

One of many different miniseries that I produced while at Gonzaga University, Control Room is a comedy series about life as a broadcasting major.

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