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Ben Makes Movies - Part 3

Ben & Becca’s Wedding Invitation

(Originally Posted on November 6, 2007)

Yes, this is the real video wedding invitation that my wife and I sent out before our wedding in December of 2007. I know that most people associate video wedding invitations with a fair amount of cheesiness and cringe-worthy material, but my wife and I tried to do something a little bit different: Read more…

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The New Adventures of Ben & Jared

(Originally Posted on September 10, 2008)

The New Adventures of Ben & Jared is a short web series that we’ve tried to start up twice now. The first episode we created was just for fun, but the second time we were actually paid to make a new episode by the Canadian comedy site JustForLaughs.com. Although we had plans for an entire “first season” story arc in place, we never were able to see them come come to fruition. Regardless, the existing episodes are still a lot of fun. Read more…

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Wii Fit: The End of an Era

(Originally Posted on July 19, 2009)

The first web short that I’ve produced in a long time focuses on the travesty that is Wii Fit and the Nintendo Wii in general. Read more…

Larry Lyons: Movie Producer

(Originally Posted on November 16, 2007)

Famed producer Larry Lyons pitches the idea for the biggest summer blockbuster ever conceived… IT’S GONNA BE HUGE! Read more…

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(Originally Posted on February 26, 2007)

Gamers was a speculative television pilot that I wrote and directed right out of college. To quote the show’s home page, PutGamersOnTV.com:

“‘Gamers’ is a single-camera, filmed comedy TV series that throws out the typical studio production conventions and is presented in a style that Gamers can relate to and appreciate. Written and independently produced by actual Gamers, this speculative television series promises to be everything that ancient movies and TV shows like The Wizard and Captain N weren’t: smart, in touch, and most importantly– entertaining to all types of Gamers.”

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Just Wonderful

(Originally Posted on May 10, 2006)

My first time entering into a film festival competition in December 2005 resulted in one of my very favorite shorts. “Just Wonderful” was produced as part of the First Night Spokane 48 Hour Film Festival. Twenty-one teams were given a theme, a prop, and a line of dialogue that they then had to use to create a 3-5 minute short film inside of 48 hours. Those assigned rules were:

  • Theme: “World of Wonder”
  • Prop: A bottle cap
  • Line: “Wow, velvet really is soft!”

Just Wonderful won both the 1st Place “Jury’s Choice” and 1st Place “People’s Choice” awards. I produced the film with my friends Joe and Luke of BaratsAndBereta.com. Read more…

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iPhone Pilot Parody

(Originally Posted on October 29, 2007)

This is a short parody of a 2007 iPhone ad entitled “Bryce”, found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00V7NW2_nSg Read more…

Washington State Math Championship Videos

For several years after I graduated from high school I would return to my hometown of Blaine, Washington to produce the awards ceremony video for the Washington State Math Championship (WSMC). These videos are hosted here for the benefit of students, parents and teachers who were at those competitions, as I occasionally receive friendly inquiries about them. Enjoy! Read more…